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We offer both vinyl liner and fiberglass swimming pool installations. We installed our first vinyl liner swimming pool in Harvard, Massachusetts in 1959. Since then we have installed over 5,500 in-ground swimming pools. Our emphasis on quality products and unparalleled customer service has enabled us to provide our customers with the backyards they have dreamed of. We understand and appreciate how a swimming pool can enhance not just your backyard but also your life by providing your family with years of fun and play. A McCarthy swimming pool can truly be a “vacation in your backyard!”

We offer a variety of accessories such as:

Natural Gas or Propane Pool Heater

Electric Heat Pump

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

LED Color Underwater Lighting

Latham 2024 Vinyl Liner Pattern Brochure


Financing Available!

If you are interested in financing your swimming pool, please visit LightStream Consumer Financing. LightStream offers Swimming Pool installation and renovation loans!

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