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A pool renovation can take that tired, old looking pool in your backyard and turn it into a swimmers paradise! We have over 57 years of experience in replacing vinyl liners. Don't just change your vinyl liner, add walk in stairs, underwater color lighting, new coping, bench seats, swim outs, and a variety of water features. We can coordinate the entire project for you. Just give us a call or fill out the form for a free estimate and we'll have your pool looking like new in no time.


We replace vinyl liners in in-ground pools. We use the Premier Vinyl brand of liners. Premier Vinyl liners offers an unbeatable combination of quality and durability. They're made from the finest vinyl material available and treated with fungicide to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Premier Vinyl liners are soft to the touch and easy to maintain, yet tough enough to stand up to years of enjoyment. We guarantee it -with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Latham 2024 Vinyl Liner Pattern Brochure

For a free consultation and estimate, please fill in the form below.

Financing Available!

If you are interested in financing your swimming pool renovation, please visit LightStream Consumer Financing. LightStream offers Swimming Pool installation and renovation loans!

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